WSO Urges The Preservation Of Guru Nanak’s Fields In Kartarpur Sahib

OTTAWA -The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) requests that the Pakistan Government preserve the 104 acres of fields surrounding Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara where Guru Nanak lived and farmed for 19 years.  Since the announcement of the Kartarpur Corridor in November 2018, there has been substantial construction resulting in the stripping of land around the Kartarpur Gurdwara in the name of religious tourism. As of May 1, 2019, a construction work update shows the destruction of all fields and orchards and new construction for a water tank and residential buildings. Plans also include commercial buildings such as hotels and parking lots on the land where Guru Nanak’s fields existed.

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WSO makes submissions on Quebec’s Bill 21 ban on religious symbols

The World Sikh Organization of Canada has submitted its legal brief on Quebec’s Bill 21, “An Act respecting the laicity of the State”, to the Quebec National Assembly’s Committee of Institutions.  The Bill would ban the wearing of “religious symbols” for government employees in positions of authority such as judges, police officers, jail guards, teachers, principals and others.

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Canada 'takes Sikh extremism seriously' memo to Freeland said before India trip

Mollifying India over its persistent concerns about “Sikh extremism” was top of mind for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his delegation during their visit to South Asia last year, declassified records show, even as the government now acknowledges the use of the term unfairly maligns an entire community.


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'It feels really nice to be here': Sikh refugee families facing persecution in Afghanistan arrive in Calgary

First 2 of 65 families arrive, helped by the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation and the World Sikh Organization.

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World Sikh Organization demands that Canada prove Sikh extremism is a threat

OTTAWA—Canada’s public-safety ministry will reconsider the way Sikh organizations are described in a recent report outlining terror threats in Canada, the department’s minister Ralph Goodale said Friday.

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Mukhbir Singh: Sikhs have earned their place on the political stage

A few short months ago, as Sikhs in Canada grappled with media coverage rife with unfounded claims of “Sikh extremism” in Canada, some commentators posed a question that would have caused a massive uproar had “Sikh” been replaced with “women”, “Indigenous” or “black” — by asking the question “are Sikhs over-represented in Canadian politics”?

WSO President Mukhbir Singh wrote an editorial in the Vancouver Sun responding to these questions. To read the article please click here.

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Canadian Sikhs Launch #AskCanadianSikhs Social Media Campaign

#AskCanadianSikhs was launched because many media reports over the past month about the community have lacked context and nuance and have excluded Sikh voices from the dialogue

Palbinder K. Shergill Of B.C. Supreme Court Becomes 1st Turbaned Sikh Judge In Canada

She grew up in Williams Lake, B.C.

06/26/2017 17:06 EDT | Updated 06/26/2017 17:06 EDT

Andree Lau - Managing Editor Of News, HuffPost Canada

By any standards, Palbinder Kaur Shergill is an accomplished woman: a trial lawyer with her own firm and a mother of three who speaks three languages (on her way to four).

Last week, Shergill was appointed to the B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster, becoming the first turbaned judge in Canada.

"It's ... especially inspiring given that she's a woman and mostly the turban is associated with Sikh men," Balpreet Singh of the World Sikh Organization told CBC News.

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CBC News: Sikhs celebrate B.C. woman's 'inspiring' appointment as first turbaned judge in Canada

By Lien Yeung, CBC News Posted: Jun 24, 2017 7:52 PM PT Last Updated: Jun 25, 2017 3:25 PM PT

Lawyer Palbinder Kaur Shergill from Surrey, B.C. has become the first turbaned Sikh judge in Canada.

Sikhs from Canada to India are celebrating a B.C. woman's historic appointment as the first turbaned Sikh judge in the country.

Lawyer Palbinder Kaur Shergill will be serving as a judge at B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster. The announcement came Friday from federal Justice Minister Jody-Wilson Raybould.

There have been other Sikh judges in Canadian history, including B.C.'s former attorney general Wally Oppal, but the World Sikh Organization of Canada says this appointment is special.

"It's ... especially inspiring given that she's a woman and mostly the turban is associated with Sikh men," said Balpreet Singh who has worked with Shergill for the past decade in her pro-bono role as general counsel for the organization. 

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CBC News - Postmedia apologizes to Alberta Sikhs for Harjit Sajjan cartoon

Postmedia has apologized for a political cartoon that sparked outrage among members of Alberta's Sikh community.

On Tuesday, the Edmonton Sun and other Postmedia publications portayed Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan stewing in a cauldron with the label "LIES."


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