During the rise of anti-Sikh narratives in Canadian media during and after Prime Minister Trudeau's trip to India in early 2018, we lept into action with the successful hashtag campaign, #AskCanadianSikhs

Sikh Canadians were frustrated that many journalists and media outlets were ignoring the diverse voices from our community and painting a culturally and historically incompetent story of the Sikh community in Canada.

We successfully engaged 3 million Canadians over various platforms through this campaign and successfully shifted the dialogue around Sikhs, our identity and history to one that did a better job of telling a nuanced story.

The WSO has now formally established our #AskCanadianSikhs brand as our media & press relations initiative!

We have recently been meeting major editorial boards, establishing pro-active relationships with media outlets & journalists, and providing constructive criticism on coverage.

If you wish to flag a column, news article, op-ed, social media activity or concerns about media coverage regarding Sikhs, please contact us here with details and links!

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