Talking Back to Hate

Hate speech is a problem that can affect any of us.

Hatred towards minorities and vulnerable people in society is an ongoing issue and things like bullying and cyberbullying are a growing problem.

The Talking Back to Hate campaign aims to address such problems by engaging organizational partners and the global community in collaborative action against hate speech, bullying, and discrimination. In addition, by sharing the stories of ordinary people who have taken extraordinary action in response to these issues, the program will raise awareness, educate the public and inspire hope.

The World Sikh Organization Canada is a partner in the Talking Back to Hate Campaign and has put together the video pledge below:

We believe that we can do so much more by working together to directly address these issues. We are asking you to join us in partnership to take collective action against hate speech and discrimination. There are many ways you and your organization can partner with us in Talking Back to Hate such as:

• Broadcast the campaign to your network and supporters

• Place the Talking Back to Hate button on your website and electronic communications

• Invite your members to share their stories and action commitments on the campaign website

• Partner with URI for an event featuring speakers from partner organizations

• Share links to any relevant publications in the Talking Back to Hate resource section

• Be featured as a partner on the campaign site, with a link to your website

• Co-promote activities with URI to raise awareness about hate speech and discrimination.

Truth and Reconciliation

The World Sikh Organization of Canada and the Sikh community in Canada, in solidarity with Aboriginal Canadians, are supporting the work of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada.  We do so in the  Sikh spirit of Sarbat Da Bhalla or the upliftment and benefit of all. 

Allowing the voices of victims to be heard is an essential part of the process of recovery and redress.  The Sikh community has a particularly close understanding of the situation, given the generation of Sikh youth which was lost following the tragic events of 1984.

WSO is producing a series of videos in partnership with the TRC to help express our solidarity and to help educate on the legacy of Residential School Abuse.  

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