WSO Offers Heartfelt Condolences

The World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) joins global Sikh community in offering heartfelt condolences and expressing its gratitude for the most valuable services provided by Bhai Amarjit Singh Ahluwalia, in the interests of the Sikh Nation, at a very critical juncture in our history.

A famous American saying, “When going gets tough, the tough get going” is often quoted to highlight the significance of someone’s courageous actions. This is precisely what Bhai Amarjit Singh Ahluwalia demonstrated through his bold, decisive and far-reaching initiative over 25 years ago.


In June 1984, when practically every Sikh, felt struck by a bolt of lightening and helpless in the face of monumental odds, Sardar Amarjit Singh seized initiative and called upon all Sikh leaders, representatives and volunteers to come together to channel our collective thoughts and energies to protect and insulate Sikh psyche from vicious military, diplomatic and psychological blows aimed at Sikh world by an ego-driven, misguided and tyrant leadership of India.

“Much of what the Sikh world, particularly in North America, has been able to achieve during the past 25 years, is attributable to Amarjit Singh’s visionary and strategic initiatives taken during very critical days of June 1984 said,” Gurpreet Singh Bal , WSO President.


‘Calmness in crisis’ is a very valuable leadership attribute and despite deep emotional wounds to Sikh psyche, Amarjit Singh ji and another dear departed soul Prof. Gurcharan Singh kept us focused on inner spiritual strengths and inspired others around them to seize the opportunity and take steps to secure the rights and freedoms of our future generations.



Nothing that we can say today will come even close to what we should say, keeping in mind the limitations of human ability, we join all family and friends in praying for the departed Gursikh soul and seeking strength, wisdom and courage to continue on the path charted by the Sikh Gurus and once again highlighted by Bhai Amarjit Singh ji Ahluwalia.


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Maj (retd.) Jasbeer Singh, Media Relations, Tel. 780-457-3333, Cell. 780-235-6000, Email: [email protected] 


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