Kaurs vote

The Sikh community has established itself as a political force in Canada in the last number of decades.

However, while the entire community has been responsible for helping elect a record number of Sikh parliamentarians, it is rare to see female members of the community participating in the electoral process.

Politicians routinely court the male members of the Sikh community without addressing the specific needs of the women or creating forums by which women can have their issues heard.

There are a number of possible reasons for this lack of engagement with Sikh women, which the WSO's KaursVote initiative will help address. 

The WSO would like to take a first step in addressing the underrepresentation of Sikh women by educating them on why their voice is so important through panel discussions across the country. 


  • Increase Sikh women’s engagement in the political process through education
  • Improve accountability of politicians to Sikh women’s issues by educating Sikh women on what to expect and ask of their elected officials
  • Provide advocacy training and campaign training
  • Lobbying on Sikh women issues

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