KarmaGrow, an initiative with the World Sikh Organization, has teamed up with various community partners to build community gardens for the sole benefit of food banks and community kitchens.

Through the hard work and dedication of volunteers, we grow an assortment of vegetables on multiple sites across Canada.

Food banks all over the country are often in a shortage of fresh produce, and the need and demand for fresh produce are becoming greater as we learn more about proper nutrition and diet. We are here to provide a sustainable source of vegetables to our partner food banks!

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Our Mission Statement

Building community gardens to provide food banks with a sustainable source of fresh vegetables, and to promote the Sikh principles of sarbat da bhalla (the well-being of all) and seva (selfless service).



KarmaGrow works with various stakeholders to develop and maintain community gardens for the good of partner food banks.

The main operational areas in which this social enterprise plans to create change is in community regeneration, sustainable development, and environmental preservation.

The type of innovation that KarmaGrow aims to pursue is transformational. We are attempting to change the culture of food assistance that the local community is capable of providing. This means increasing the production capability, and the mindset of the community, to provide fresh produce in addition to the more common non-perishable goods food banks receive.



We currently have community gardens in Mississauga, Ottawa, Calgary and Surrey!

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