Growing - February 2019 Update

During the last weekend of January, the WSO's Executive Committee met in Calgary to discuss our strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Roughly 6 years ago we began what has become a very successful succession planning and transition, as we brought on more youth and women into the organization. It was around this time we also launched new initiatives like the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute. 

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Vancouver Sun Removes "Sikh" from Kabaddi Story

The Vancouver Sun has removed references to "Sikhs" in the January 4, 2019 article by Douglas Todd entitled “Half of Indian athletes who came to Canada failed to go home”.  WSO had written in to request the change.

Originally the piece included the following passages:

“While some Sikhs in Canada are unhappy with the way kabaddi athletes pay consultants to help them jump Canada’s visa and immigration queues, federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says in a government document that the special visa program for the mostly Punjabi athletes “provides benefits” to Canada"
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New Year = Introspection

The new year is a great time to engage in introspection.

We had an active and busy 2018, and I truly believe the WSO was up to the challenge of providing a smart and sophisticated Sikh voice in Canada. 

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We Can't Do This Without Your Support

What a year 2018 has been. We've seen the news articles, the constant barrage of attacks on the Sikh community's image and we've seen the work that an effective third-party advocacy group can do on behalf of the community. 

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2018 Was a Year of Growth

A little over 5 years ago the WSO embarked on a mission of renewal

We renewed the board.

We renewed our executive.

We renewed our initiatives and projects.

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Legal Victories of 2018 and Challenges Ahead

As WSO’s legal counsel, 2018 has been a year filled with challenges and successes.

This year, as in past years, we helped many Sikhs from across Canada deal with issues at work, school and elsewhere with respect to their articles of faith.

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We stand strong, together.

We stand strong, together.

And, with that strength, we never compromise on our principles. 

Since December 11, 2018, when the Government of Canada's Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada included Sikhs as one of the top 5 terrorist threats in Canada today, we have been working hard with community partners to challenge this unfounded maligning of our community. 

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Getting Work Done - December 2018 Update

I am always amazed when looking back on the month that was and seeing all the great work we accomplished over the previous 4 weeks.

It is sometimes tough to notice how much is being accomplished as you are in the thick of things and working hard with a wonderful team of staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters.

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Sikh Genocide - November 2018 Update

Never forget the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

The 1984 Sikh Genocide, in which thousands of innocent Sikh men, women, and children were brutally attacked and murdered across India, was one of the darkest chapters in modern Indian history.

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National Advocacy - October 2018 Update

September was a busy month.

I started off in Manitoba, taking part in the Winnipeg Nagar Kirtan with our local team, educating the community on essential social services available to us and the role the Sikh Family Helpline plays in connecting those in need with service providers.

I then found myself on the road again with our legal counsel Balpreet Singh, spending a week in Ottawa meeting key stakeholders, politicians, and government officials to discuss a variety of issues, such as the Afghan Sikh refugee file, Government of India interference in Sikh Canadian affairs, and the thoughts of Sikh Canadians across this country.

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