Youth Development - September 2018 Update

4 years ago the WSO made a conscious decision - to invest in our youth in a meaningful and tangible way.

In 2015 the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute (SYLI) was born.

This August we saw another successful batch of incredibly smart Sikh youth from across Canada pass through SYLI in Ottawa. 

There are now 80 SYLI alumni from coast to coast, working with one another and their communities for the betterment of Canada. 

Our youth will always rise to the occasion when given a real opportunity to grow and take on leadership roles. In fact, as you scroll through some of our updates on this website, you will be happy to learn that many of these recent successes have come from past SYLI alumni and young Sikhs taking the initiative and pushing our community forward.

We look forward to celebrating the 5th anniversary of SYLI in 2019 and the addition of our Institute's 100th alumni.

This is only the beginning. 

The WSO is actively working on multiple projects at a given time. We cannot carry on with this strong Sikh advocacy without your support. If you see value in the work we do and wish to see it continue into the future, please consider donating!

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Executive Director 

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