World Sikh Organization Welcomes Tribute to Victims' Families

The World Sikh Organization (WSO) welcomes the release of the first part of the Air India Commission’s report, entitled, “The Families Remember”. This report, in which the victims and their families are profiled, pays a fitting tribute to the devastating loss which has been experienced as a result of the Air India tragedy.

“The loss of 329 lives is not just a loss for the victims’ families, but a loss for all of society,” said Ram Raghbir Singh Chahal, President of the WSO.  “Amongst the victims were accomplished humanitarians, scientists, artists, and community activists, who had contributed far more to this world in their shortened lives, than many of us can hope to achieve in a lifetime.  Young people like Jyothi (14) and Thejus (8) Radhakrishna were our future leaders.  The incomprehensible criminal act that resulted in the loss of their young lives, and that of their mother, Nagasundara, is clearly an affront to all right thinking people,” said Chahal.

The WSO applauds the courage and conviction of such leaders as Lata Pada, Dr. Chandra Sunkurathi, and Susheel Gupta, who have provided such incredible and inspiring leadership.  “These humble and gracious individuals have provided exemplary leadership and role modeling to all of us.  We can only hope that in our own times of sorrow, we can respond with such grace and fortitude as exemplified by them,” said Ajit Singh Sahota, Director of Administration WSO.    The Report also pays tribute to the countless heroes, both named and unnamed, who opened their hearts and their homes to help in the recovery efforts.  “That such a tragic event can galvanize a community to help complete strangers in their times of need, is bittersweet,” said Gian Singh Sandhu, Senior Policy Advisor of the WSO.  

“A tragedy like this cannot be easily forgotten, nor should it be,” said Sandhu.  “We can only hope that the second part of the Air India Commission’s report will provide the necessary closure and learnings that will help propel us all forward towards a better and safer future in which criminal acts like this are prevented,” said Sandhu.

The World Sikh Organization appears as Intervenors at the Air India Commission of Inquiry.  A Canada based human rights organization, WSO has been calling for a public inquiry into the bombing of Air India, since 1987.

For more information, please contact Maj (retd.) Jasbeer Singh, Media Relations, Tel. 780-457-3333, Cell. 780-235-6000, email: [email protected]



Gian Singh Sandhu, Senior Policy Advisor, Tel. 250-305-2440, email:  [email protected]

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