World Sikh Organization encourages Witnesses to come forward

The World Sikh Organization (WSO) shares its disappointment with fellow Canadians, that potentially crucial testimony regarding the AI-182 disaster on June 23, 1985 cannot be heard due to fears for the safety of the witnesses.

The WSO has repeatedly called for a public Inquiry into this tragedy and has anxiously looked forward to the long-standing questions being finally answered. The Sikh community as a whole that has lived under a dark cloud of suspicion for 22 years also has great expectations for the truth to come to light at the Air India Inquiry.

WSO Director of Administration, Ajit Singh Sahota stated today, "It is unfortunate that witnesses do not feel secure enough to reveal their evidence. The authorities must take every reasonable step to ensure the safety of the witnesses so that their evidence can be recorded and the necessary information can be made public. After 22 years, the families and all Canadians deserve to know all the truth."

WSO Canada President Gurpreet Singh Bal reiterated the sentiments of the Sikh community today: "It is our hope that the witnesses will find courage to do the right thing and disclose what they know. The hopes of all Canadians and specifically the victims families and the entire Sikh community rest in this Inquiry. We all hope that truth will prevail and that depends on this testimony being heard. If it is not, the suffering of 22 years will continue and justice may never be done".

In the interest of justice and truth, WSO calls upon all Canadians with any information that may add value in our collective quest for truth, to come forward and further the cause of justice in our society.

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