VIA Raul On A Better Track

The World Sikh Organization is pleased with VIA Rail's agreement to finally permit devout Sikh passengers to travel while keeping their articles of faith intact. The changes in policy made by VIA Rail and instituted on January 12, 2007, recognize the significance of the Sikh code of conduct mandated for all practicing Sikhs.

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WSO Intervener in the Air India Inquiry

Ottawa - As an intervener in the Air India Inquiry, the World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) made an opening statement outlining today presented information regarding the Sikh community to the Air India Inquiry, and requested vigilance in the terminology employed to discuss the events surrounding Air India, flight 182. Stating that the tendency to use phrases such as 'Sikh terrorism' and 'Sikh extremists' is inaccurate - as the vast majority of the Sikh community is made up of peaceful, law abiding members of society who ought not to be branded as terrorists or as extremists." Said WSO legal counsel Alex Sabharwal. The WSO recommended that such language be avoided, not only because such notions are factually incorrect, but also because the use of these terms is offensive to the values of equality and multiculturalism on which Canadian society is built.

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