Overwhelming Support in Wake of Vandalism of Brampton Sikh School

The response to the vandalism of the Khalsa Community School in Brampton from Canadians of all our various communities and elected officials from every political stripe has been overwhelmingly supportive of the Sikh community. 

Recognizing the importance of presenting a united front against intolerance and hatred, several national and local organizations issued statements condemning the vandalism of the Sikh elementary school as a violation of our shared Canadian values and human rights.

Some of the organizations who issued statements include:

Many elected officials also issued statements in solidarity with the Sikh community including:

Willowdale MP Chungsen LeungParliamentary Secretary to Minister Kenney, Chungsen Leung also personally visited the Khalsa Community School and took part in the clean up. 

WSO would like to thank all those who have expressed their solidarity with the Sikh community.  Racism and hatred have no place in Canadian society and all Canadians must stand united against such hate attacks, regardless of which community is targeted. 

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