Growing - February 2019 Update

During the last weekend of January, the WSO's Executive Committee met in Calgary to discuss our strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Roughly 6 years ago we began what has become a very successful succession planning and transition, as we brought on more youth and women into the organization. It was around this time we also launched new initiatives like the Sikh Youth Leadership Institute. 

The long term impact of those changes publicly manifested itself over the last year as we have aggressively reaffirmed our voice as the leading national Sikh advocacy organization in Canada through campaigns like #AskCanadianSikhs. 

Whether it is through key legal victories or the launch of new initiatives like the Sikh Mentorship Program, we are committed to ensuring Sikhs in Canada have a strong third party voice in the national dialogue. 

We know that to remain relevant in the community we need to open ourselves up to constructive criticism and feedback about our mandate and strategy moving forward - which is why we had asked you in January to fill out a stakeholder survey.

Your numerous survey responses were sincerely discussed in detail at the Calgary Strategy Session, and we look forward to launching and revising a number of projects as a result.

We hope that we can continue to play a role in ensuring our community continues to reach new heights in Canada and that we provide an unapologetic voice for Sikh Canadians. 

However, that can only happen with your continued support, including financial contributions. As a non-profit, we entirely depend upon your generosity and donations to continue doing the work you have come to expect from us. Please consider donating today!

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Executive Director

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