Can I wear my dastaar with a uniform?


Canadian courts have found that restrictions on the dastar due to uniform requirements are unacceptable. In Sehdev v. Bayview Glen Junior Schools Ltd. (1988), it was found that a prohibition of the dastar in a public school was religious discrimination. That same year, in Khalsa v. Co-op Cabs and Grewal v. Checker Cabs Ltd., human rights commissions in Ontario and Alberta ruled that a restriction on the dastar due to uniform requirements on the job were discrimination and unacceptable. The issue seems completely resolved after the 1995 Federal Court of Appeal decision in Grant v. Canada (Attorney General) (also known as the RCMP Turban case, where WSO appeared as Interveners), where the Court upheld an RCMP decision allowing Sikh officers to wear dastars. If you or someone you know is facing difficulty wearing their turban, chuni, rumaal, or patka while on the job or in school, you should contact WSO.

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