April Showers Bring May Flowers

April was a tumultuous month.

We saw the WSO, gurdwara committees, and individuals across Canada raise their concerns, as a collective, about the Public Saftey Canada Terror Report, and how it maligned our community.

"You are all doing such amazing work", one gentleman said, referencing our advocacy campaign to correct the Sikh maligning Report.

In what ended up being an unprecedented community reaction to a policy debate, we realized that the greatest vehicle for change is, and has always been, individual citizens mobilizing and voicing their concerns to elected officials and sharing information with their neighbours. 

This outcry led to an initial victory, and changes to the Terror Report

April showers bring May flowers.

The key lesson I personally took away from all of this is that the catalyst for protecting and promoting Sikh Canadian interest is a well informed Sikh citizenry. 

Which is why I love our Sikh Youth Leadership Institute (SYLI)

We are celebrating our 5th anniversary of SYLI, where we take 20 of the brightest youth in Canada, bring them down to Ottawa, all expenses paid, for 4 days of leadership and advocacy training from some of the top experts in fields as diverse as media training to emotional intelligence. 

The deadline to apply is May 15, and you can apply here!

We can only keep up this great work, some of which is highlighted below, with your financial support. Consider donating your dasvandh to the WSO. You can donate here, and help ensure we can continue to fight for Sikhs coast to coast.

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Executive Director 

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