April's Letter From The Director

On March 21, WSO Board Members and Executives from across the country came together in Surrey, BC. The purpose of the meeting? To re-energize the WSO, re-focus our priorities, and re-engage the community.

We have been, and will always remain, a primarily human rights advocacy organization (as evidenced by our recent work in the Supreme Court of Canada decision of Loyola, which is highlighted below). What we will now be doing differently is broadening our scope of advocacy to include not just the political and legal, but also the community.

The WSO has been working diligently on various community based projects the last few months, and the summer will see the launch and execution of many of them. You will soon hear about our Sikh Youth Leadership Initiative, our Sikh Family Initiative, and our School Textbook and Curriculum Review Initiative. Some new community projects, such as KarmaGrow, are already expanding across the country and receiving glowing praise from outlets like the prestigious University of Toronto Magazine

I have been fortunate in my role to visit our grand country coast-to-coast, and speak to some amazing people in our community. These individuals have included not just youths and various stakeholders, but also the Sikh seniors and pioneers whom built the foundations my generation now stands on. These meetings and discussions have shaped where the WSO will be going for the next 30 years, and I am confident that we will continue to remain the most effective national Sikh body in Canada because of it. 

We cannot launch and build these new initiatives, or maintain the current work we do, without your assistance. We have recently revamped our website, and you can now easily donate either monthly or one time at HERE. We run entirely on private donors and the support of individuals like yourself.

I hope to share even more amazing updates with all of you soon!
Warm Regards,
Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Director of Development

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