3rd Party - April Update

We cannot do this without you. 

Your ongoing support for the fearless third-party community advocacy found at the WSO ensures we can continue to unapologetically promote and protect Sikh interests in Canada and around the world.

That advocacy has come in our traditional realms, like government relations and law, but it has also grown to include community programming like our new Sikh Mentorship Program (which, by the way, has now matched over 100 mentors to mentees in BC and Ontario).

We will remain steadfast in promoting the Sikh Canadian voice, ensuring we control our own narrative. That is why we have also now launched #AskCanadianSikhs the Podcast, covering current affairs from a Sikh Canadian perspective. 

We can only keep up this great work, some of which is highlighted below, with your financial support. Consider donating your dasvandh to the WSO. You can donate here, and help ensure we can continue to fight for Sikhs coast to coast.

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu
Executive Director 

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