Remembering the Air India Disaster

Today marks the 27th anniversary of the tragic Air India disaster that claimed the lives of 331 innocent individuals. 

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WSO's 2012 List of Honorees

During its annual human rights events in June, the World Sikh Organization of Canada recognizes individuals who have made a difference in the Sikh community or with respect to human rights in general.  This year WSO recognized several individuals for their contributions at events in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary.  A short background on those recognized is below.  Congratulations to them all!

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Quebec Soccer Dragging its Heels in Allowing Head-Scarves

By Ripan Kaur (WSO Communications Intern)

FIFA's recent announcement approving goal line technology came with another important change to the game - the organization also approved head scarves for female players.

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Confronting Ignorance & Racism in Canada

The Sikh community has been front and centre in the aftermath of the tragic Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting which took the lives of six worshippers.  The shooter, Wade Michael Page, was a white supremacist and a member of the skinhead group “Hammerskin Nation” (which also has branches here in Canada).

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Silence is Deafening on Montreal Soccer Turban Ban

Where are the voices of our elected officials defending the right of Sikh children to play soccer with their turbans in Montreal?

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So what is Vaisakhi in Canada all about?

Sikhs across the world and across Canada are gathering to mark Vaisakhi or the founding of the Khalsa.  Many Canadians may be familiar with the sight of colourful Khalsa Day Parades to mark Vaisakhi but perhaps not so familiar with the significance and history behind the holiday.  We’ll try to provide some background information here.

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WSO Guest Column in The Province

WSO legal counsel Balpreet Singh's commentary on the recent media coverage of the Balwant Singh Rajoana issue appeared in the The Province today.  Balpreet Singh argues that the media needs to present the story behind the story in order to fully understand why many in the Sikh community have rallied to end capital punishment and save Rajoana's life.

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WSO writes to the CBC Ombudsman

In response to Terry Milewski's commentary "Sikhs rally for suicide bomber on Parliament HIll", the World Sikh Organization of Canada has sent a letter of concern to CBC's ombudsman Kirk LaPointe

WSO has been very clear that there is no evidence of extremism in the Canadian Sikh community.  Those who claim otherwise have yet to offer any proof.

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Mr. Smith's Conspiracy Theory...

We were bemused to see an article by the Georgia Straight’s Charlie Smith attempting to draw a link between NDP leadership candidate Martin Singh’s campaign and the WSO.  To illustrate the connection, Mr. Smith refers to an articleposted on WSO’s site from 2006 about a visit by the Canadian Armed Forces to the Halifax Gurdwara which was then headed by Martin Singh.  WSO wasn’t involved in the visit in any capacity, but posted it as an interesting news piece on Sikhs in Canada. 

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The Tragic Story of Kulwant Singh

UPDATE:  Kulwant Singh died of his injuries on February 14th.

On Sunday February 12, 2012 Indian media reported that 35 year old ‘dreaded terrorist’ Kulwant Singh was in critical condition after having been admitted to hospital with over 50 per cent burns to his body.  Jail officials claim that Kulwant Singh attempted suicide while cooking.  According to the news stories, fellow inmates and jail officials refuse to comment any further on what happened.

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